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The Motorized Collection


​Motorized Shades ​provide the perfect mix of beauty and practicality. These simple, easy-to-use wireless shades completely eliminate any cables or strings – making them the perfect fit for families with children and pets, or high, hard-to-reach windows. These shades offer a sleek, modern feel and protect you and your belongings from harmful UV rays. Motorized shades even give you the same complete control over the length just as you have with traditional shades, with only the push of a button.



Home Automation​ – Save money on your electric bill by programming set times for your blinds to raise or lower automatically while you’re away to naturally heat or cool your home. Coordinate the times with your home’s air conditioning system for maximum savings throughout the day. You can even set specific shades to have their own schedule, allowing you complete control over all the rooms in your home.

No Wires, No Worries – Control your shades with the push of a button using the provided remote, or wirelessly link your smart device to the automation system giving you the freedom to adjust your blinds from anywhere in your home.

These remotes allow you the same control over height of your shades just like traditional styles, without the cords or cables. Perfect for homes with children and pets or high hard-to-reach ceilings, the cordless shades bring modern style and sophistication with functionality.

​Advanced Technology​ - All of our motorized shades and blinds are equipped with the latest technology allowing you to adjust your shades quickly and quietly. Tilt control even allows you to adjust details like the directional tilt of your blinds, or specific height increments of your shades. Couple this with a privacy-enhanced material, and these blinds are sure to compliment any home beautifully.



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