The Shutters Collection


Shutters are typically known as solid and stable window covering, usually consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Only until recently have they become more of a fashion statement, and an accessory to great interior design. Scroll down to learn about all of the types, shapes and materials we use for custom shutter installations.


Poly Shutters
are synthetic fiber mix shutters, which posses a wood-like appearance with additional qualities such as strength and durability. While relatively new, Poly shutters hold advantages over traditional wooden shutters and modern synthetic alternatives.

With the best energy efficiency, and low maintenance, Poly shutters are a great affordable alternative to wooden shutters. Poly shutters are available in different varieties: vinyl, poly, and poly plantation shutters.

Because Poly shutters are synthetically made, they include fire resistant properties which repel open flames and prevent fires from spreading. Poly shutter are also easily fitted over various shaped windows – even existing custom  made  windows.


Wooden Shutters are the classic material of choice, and are available in different types of wood such as Basswood, Premium Hardwood, Larchwood, Cederwood and Craftwood. Wood is a sustainable material, keeping its price reasonably low.

Also, wood has set the design standard to which all other synthetics materials imitate: texture, color, feel, and insulation. Relative to other materials, wood is also easy to work with and can feasibly be made into shapes that would not be cost effective using other materials.

A note about our wood: we use only the highest quality woods for our shutters. Don’t be fooled: properly stored, dried, and treated woods will not lose their shape or warp and will maintain a uniform grain and quality finish.


Heritage hardwood shutters provide a vast selection of frames, shapes, configuration options and louver sizes, giving you the creative freedom to achieve your vision with one of the industry’s largest selections. These shutters use Truemill dovetail joinery, providing the highest strength, durability, and can be finished with 100 Integra point and stain finishes.

NewStyle hybrid shutters combine the style of wood with the strength, straightness, versatility, and stability of modern materials at an affordable price. These shutters will last a lifetime, with the extremely durable “DuraLux finish, which is virtually indistinguishable from finely painted shutters. These shutters will never crack, warp, chip, fade peel or discolor; even under the hardest conditions.

Palm Beach polysatin shutters are made from a UV resistant polysatin compound, and finished with the high quality DuraLux finish to produce a guaranteed never to crack, warp, fade, chip, peel or discolor product. These shutters are designed for ultimate durability and ease of care.

Check out the diagram below to understand some of the key features most buyers are looking for when they purchase blinds as a window treatment. There are many options to choose from and each type of blind has its own unique benefit.