Plantation Shutters can transform a room.  They are simple, stylish, and elegant.  They add an element of interest to an otherwise boring room.  They can be customized for almost any window shape or size and are available in a variety of color options.  

        More and more people are choosing to replace their blinds and install Plantation Shutters everyday because they are so durable and easy to care for.  When compared to blinds purchased at a hardware store, they are much easier to keep clean.  Aside from dusting and the occasional maintenance they are virtually good to go.   Their strength and simplicity makes them the perfect solution for pets and kids.  They have no dangerous cords to worry about, and they can easily be washed if they get dirty. 

      Plantation Shutters also offer maximum light and heat control.  They can darken or brighten a room instantly with a simple to operate hand lever.  Their thickness makes them the perfect option to keep out heat  from the afternoon sun.  They look beautiful open or closed, and they are even available for sliding glass doors.  


Plantation Shutters recently installed by

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