Motorized shades are window shades that are attached to a battery powered motor.  They can be controlled with the use of a remote, a smart phone,  or computerized timer to lower or raise the level of the shades.  Besides being stylish and innovative, there are many other benefits to motorized shades.  Convenience, design options, locations, and size, just to name a few.  Our HunterDouglas motorized shades also come with a lifetime warranty. 

     Motorization is not just extremely cool, it’s the way of the future. Can you imagine being out of town and being able to close your shades from another city? Picture yourself lying in bed and being able to lower your shades from your Apple or Android device. Motorization has come a long way!

     My favorite feature of motorization is that it allows you to have light/heat control of windows that are out of your reach.  Many two story homes are designed with beautiful architectural features that include large attractive windows in hard to reach places.  Motorization allows you to finally have control of these windows and allow sunlight to filter in on your terms.

        Rebate savings on all HunterDouglas motorized shades are available through September 15, 2014.  Save up to $100 per window!